About Recreation at Florida Poly

Campus Recreation strives to provide a healthy environment through which all students, faculty and staff may enjoy a broad variety of competitive and recreational activities, regardless of experience and ability. Recreational activities include free play with a variety of sporting equipment available for rent and check-out in addition to the Intramural Program. It is the goal of the Campus Recreation department to aid students in developing teamwork, leadership, sportsmanship and relationships within a healthy environment.


The Intramural Program is an exciting part of student life at Florida Polytechnic University. Intramurals are fun, recreational, social and competitive on-campus sports activities for Florida Poly students, faculty, and staff. Intramural activities range from traditional sports such as soccer, flag football and basketball, to non-traditional sports such as ultimate Frisbee. Most teams play one or two times a week, and contests are scheduled during evening hours.

How to Register

Students, faculty and staff can register for intramurals by emailing the Assistant Director of Student Affairs Dana Kwiatkowski  (dkwiatkowski@flpoly.org)

Contact Information

Questions? Contact the Recreation and Fitness Department

Dana Kwiatkowski
Assistant Director of Student Affairs

Hours of Operation:
Mon-Fri 6am-10pm
Sat-Sun – 10am-10pm