Chapter 1

Introduction: So, You Want to Attend a Top Engineering College?

For students interested in science, technology, engineering or math (STEM), the economic forecast is quite favorable for both careers and college majors. STEM occupations are expected to grow to more than nine million by 2022. Our economy needs STEM graduates who have the entrepreneurial spirit to address challenges in a rapidly evolving global economy.

In particular, the emerging trends in technology and the job market require an advanced understanding of science and mathematics, which is why Florida Poly created this guide.

High school students interested in attending a top engineering college can use this comprehensive resource to plan for and track progress toward key milestones as they prepare for their collegiate careers.

The guide includes six chapters covering topics such as academics, extracurricular activities, financial aid and application tips. Each chapter offers advice and suggestions to help students excel. Students can learn what high school classes best prepare students for STEM degrees, what admissions counselors look for in college applications and pointers for preparing a college application.

As tomorrow’s engineers, we hope you will use this as a resource during your high school years. From freshman to senior year, these tips can help you track your progress and manage expectations, from taking the right math courses to preparing your engineering college application.