Innovation Labs

The Innovation Labs support our mission of preparing 21st century learners in advanced fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). We develop innovative problem-solvers and high-tech professionals through interdisciplinary teaching, leading-edge research and creative use of applied curriculum and market-driven advanced technology programs. The labs include:

Supercomputing Lab

Description:  A high-florida poly supercomputerperformance computing environment that includes a high capacity processing, storage and network data center complex. This lab promotes and expands technology partnerships for education, research and career development in the state of Florida through high-speed computing, information mapping, academic initiative computing, data digestion and interactive visualization interfaces. The lab provides direct access to big data management, data center management, data center operations, cloud processing, simulation, visualization and other related concepts, resources or skills.

Entrepreneurship Lab

Description: The creation of new disciplines and application of emerging technologies are the future of innovation. This lab enables new opportunities to support economic development through interdisciplinary collaboration between STEM research and business leaders. It also serves as an incubator and testing platform to transition applied research results into market-driven products and services using an economically and technologically sustainable business plan. The objective of this lab is to increase employment opportunities by creating new types of Florida-based businesses and jobs through innovation and entrepreneurship.

Cyber Gaming & Digital Media Lab

Florida Poly's state-of-the-art Media labDescription: Explore the technologies and techniques of social media, mass media, digital media, gaming and simulation using interdisciplinary tools, media techniques, development processes and applications. The lab consists of several interdisciplinary research fields and cross-discipline curriculum projects spanning numerous areas of media technology. The lab will integrate with the Visualization and Technology Collaboration Robotics Lab in the areas of robotics, voice recognition, wearable computing, and related topics.

Visualization and Technology Collaboration (VTC) Robotics Lab

Description: Comprised of two discrete facilities but sharing a combined vision, this lab focuses on information mapping, data digestion, robotics and visualization techniques that support the innovative application of smart visual and user interface technologies. It includes robotics in the area of engineering and information technology and the theory behind automation and remote management of devices. The goal of the lab is collaboration with University faculty, staff, students and industry partners to deliver more engaging and impactful application of advanced hardware and software, including robotics, drones and devices. Providing a range of advanced imaging, big data information mapping, mobile applications, and distributed visualization applications, the lab includes software systems, fixed and mobile displays, multi-projection, scalable visualization, virtual reality, advanced media, digital arts and imaging.

Rapid Application Development (RAD) Makerspace Lab

Florida Poly's Rapid Application Development Makerspace LabDescription: The RAD Makerspace Lab is an interdisciplinary environment with 3D printing hardware, digital object scanners, AutoCAD software and RAD technology for software development. This lab combines core engineering, computer engineering, and computer science fields of study with advanced prototyping and adaptive manufacturing technology and techniques.  See the MarketWatch Article.


Cyber Security Lab

Description: An isolated network environment that comprises servers, transport facilities and end-user workstations to replicate and simulate real-world cyber security threats and hacker techniques. The intent is to teach the theory behind complex cyber hacks, develop an understanding of the technology and vulnerabilities across the information technology systems and then devise counter-measures and incident response tactics.

Big Data & Health Informatics Lab

DSC_0011Description: The Big Data & and Health Informatics Lab teaches students to use emerging technologies to analyze large data sets. Faculty members collaborate with industry partners to offer students real-world experiences in solving relevant problems. Students have access to the latest technologies, from Cassandra to Dynamo and Hadoop to Hbase, – and, of course, SQL. The Big Data & Health Informatics Lab is an integral part of Florida Poly’s goal to offer hands-on learning and research opportunities to students.