Wired to Change the World

Technology permeates Florida Polytechnic University. From learning spaces to living areas, state-of-the-art equipment and applications keep students, faculty, staff and visitors connected. The University is a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) campus, so whether you’re Mac or PC, Android or iOS, desktop or tablet, Xbox or PlayStation, you can experience Florida Poly your way … or every way! Click here to see our Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) philosophy.

Classrooms in the Cloud

At Florida Polytechnic University, the Library is always open and classrooms aren’t confined to auditoriums. The University’s cloud-based network means that books, course assignments, lectures and notes are always accessible, whether you’re under the atrium of the Innovation, Science and Technology Building, lounging in the student residence hall, working out at the Wellness Center, reflecting by the pond or hanging out around town. Learning should be limitless. Get your head in the cloud.

Labs at the Leading Edge

To enter the workforce job ready, you need more than knowledge. You need hands-on experience. Florida Polytechnic University’s innovation and research labs are among the most advanced, featuring the latest equipment used by industry-leading firms worldwide. High-tech learning spaces gives students hands-on experience with technology that will change our world: the Supercomputing Lab, the Entrepreneurship Lab, the Cyber Gaming & Digital Media Lab, the Visualization and Technology Collaboration (VTC) Robotics Lab, the Cyber Security Lab, the Big Data & Health Informatics Lab and the Rapid Application Development (RAD) Makerspace Lab. Read more about these leading-edge facilities here.

The Heart of High Tech

A benefit of attending college in Lakeland, Florida, is that more than 70% of Florida’s high-tech industry is nearby. Strategically located at the heart of Florida’s High Tech Corridor, Florida Polytechnic University is within 60 miles of more than 11,000 technology and engineering firms. Through strategic partnerships with industry-leading firms, the University maintains a relevant curriculum, brings real-world problem solving into the classroom and connects students with potential employers. By doing so, Florida Poly ensures its ability to always remain on the cutting edge and at the Heart of High Tech™. Learn more about our strategic approach to technology and our technology services.