John Couch, VP of Education, Apple

laptop5John Couch is Apple’s VP of Education and is responsible for driving Apple’s sales and marketing strategy in the education market.  Couch began his professional career in 1972 as a software engineer at Hewlett-Packard and held various software management positions at HP.  In 1978, he joined Apple as Director of New Products reporting to Steve Jobs. He was Apple’s first VP of Software and VP/General Manager for the Lisa division, Apple’s first GUI Computer.

In 1985, he turned his focus to education at the Santa Fe Christian School where he initiated a program that turned this private school into one of the first examples of how the creative use of technology can revolutionize learning in the classroom.

Prior to his return to Apple in 2002, Couch was the Chairman and CEO of DoubleTwist, Inc. which made headlines as the first company to provide a comprehensive annotation of the human genome.