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Welcome to the Procurement Department website

This website provides suppliers and contractors with the ability to review current solicitations and other information necessary to do business with the University.

The mission of the Procurement Department is to deliver effective purchasing and procurement services in accordance with all State and University rules and regulations with a focus on maximizing value delivered to the Florida Poly community.

Current Competitive Solicitations

Procurement Process

This Purchasing Manual is prepared as an instruction guide of best procurement practices.


The purchasing policies of the University can be found under Chapter 8 – Purchasing & Leasing

Supplier Registration

Florida Polytechnic University Procurement welcomes suppliers interested in doing business with the University. We desire to maintain an open, competitive and friendly atmosphere that fosters a mutually beneficial relationship with our suppliers. Suppliers should note that Florida Poly Procurement follows all mandates in accordance with Florida Statutes, Board of Trustees and Florida Polytechnic University regulations. We subscribe and adhere to the Code of Ethics of the National Association of Educational Procurement. We foster fair, ethical and legal trade practices at all times.

To this end, we request that all suppliers honor the established rules and regulations when conducting business with Florida Polytechnic University. No merchandise may be shipped nor any service performed without a Purchase Order or Expense Card (card) number. No CODs will be accepted.

At this time, Florida Poly does not have the resources for open vendor enrollment. Only suppliers and contractors directly responding to one of the solicitations should fill out the forms below:

Florida Poly Electronic Payment Authorization
Florida Poly Supplier Application
Florida Poly W-9

Foreign Supplier

Foreign Individual
The payment is exempt from US tax under a tax treaty and the beneficial owner has an ITIN or SSN.

W-8BEN Instructions


Form 8233
Form 8233 Instructions

A foreign individual or entity claiming that income is effectively connected with the conduct of trade or business within the U.S. (unless claiming treaty benefits). The income is effectively connected with a trade or business in the USA and the owner has an EIN, ITIN or SSN

W-8ECI Instructions 

Foreign Business
The payment is exempt from US tax under a tax treaty and beneficial the owner has an EIN, ITIN or SSN.

W-8BEN-E Instructions 

Foreign partnership
A foreign simple trust, or a foreign grantor trust (unless claiming treaty benefits) (see instructions for exceptions), Any person acting as an intermediary. (Withholding Foreign Partnership or Foreign Trust): The recipient of the income is a withholding foreign partnership or foreign trust that has provided a valid WIMY with a WP-EIN or WT-EIN.

W-8IMY Instructions 

Foreign government
International organization, foreign central bank of issue, foreign tax-exempt organization, foreign private foundation, or government of a U.S. possession claiming that income is effectively connected U.S. income or that is claiming the applicability of section(s) 115(2), 501(c), 892, 895, or 1443(b) (unless claiming treaty benefits) (see instructions for other exceptions). The beneficial owner of the payment is a tax-exempt organization under US tax rules.

W-8EXP Instructions 

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Email: Procurement@flpoly.org