President's Message

Florida Polytechnic University was founded in 2012 on the visionary idea that a technology-rich, industry-inspired education will prepare students to be lifetime employable. At Florida Poly, students learn to push the boundaries of traditional learning and receive the hands-on education to become high-tech leaders, doers, engineers and entrepreneurs.

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"Starting a brand-new university takes a village, and is not for the faint of heart."

Florida Polytechnic University’s Strategic Plan, outlined below, articulates a bold and clear vision for the next four years to advance Florida’s 12th state university and its only higher-education institution focused on educating students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.



dr randy k avent

Dr. Avent's Biography

Dr. Randy K. Avent is the founding president of Florida Polytechnic University, the newest of the state’s 12 public universities and the only polytechnic university in the State University System of Florida. As Florida Polytechnic University’s inaugural president, Dr. Avent is responsible for the development and operation of the university and is committed to strategically developing Florida Poly as a research and jobs university, an agent for growth and a beacon for the economy. His career exemplifies the qualities of innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship the University seeks to instill in students. An accomplished academician, senior administrator and research scientist, Dr. Avent has an extensive background teaching and directing research at higher-education institutions dedicated to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

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2017 Florida Poly Day

"Our role in Florida is to produce graduates who combine entrepreneurship with technical prowess and industrial design skills."

First Lady Terri Avent

That congeniality is characteristic of Mrs. Avent and her personable approach to the role of First Lady. “I like to build relationships and I like community, especially a university community,” she said. “I am a people person who enjoys making connections.”

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2017 Florida Poly Day

Presidential Ambassadors

Florida Polytechnic University Presidential Ambassadors are students with demonstrated leadership abilities who are appointed by the University President to serve as official and formal hosts at designated events. Presidential Ambassadors are selected each academic year for their academic standing, leadership skills, citizenship and service activities.

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