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From robotics and motion intelligence to big data analytics and health informatics, gain the expertise to build a career that will exponentially impact the future with Florida Poly’s graduate degree programs. Graduate courses take students through emerging practices, advanced research methods, and cutting-edge curriculum with the support of top-notch professors. Outside of the classroom, students create and manage field-specific projects while collaborating with industry partners to hone skill sets that will reverberate in the real world.

Situated between Tampa and Orlando in the heart of the High-tech Corridor, Florida Poly exposes students to an unparalleled pool of resources and state-of-the-art facilities equipping graduates with the tools to address the challenges of today and the obstacles of tomorrow.

At Florida Poly, students discover their ability to push the boundaries of traditional learning to become high-tech leaders, doers, engineers, and entrepreneurs. With our comprehensive approach to education, students are positioned to fearlessly charge forward in the most influential and rapidly developing fields in the world. Join us.

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College of
College of Engineering

The Engineering profession covers a wide spectrum of subject areas that ranges from nano-scale to industrial-scale application. It includes engines, robotics, information technology, electro-mechanical systems, motion intelligence, and others.

College of
Innovation & Technology
College of Innovation & Technology

The Master of Innovation & Technology (MI&T) degree provides cutting edge research opportunities to students using state-of-the-art experimental or computational research facilities under the close supervision of faculty member(s).