Civic Engagement

Florida Polytechnic University promotes civic engagement through community outreach programs that include the MERIT Summer Camp for STEM-minded high school students, and the Women in STEM Leadership program, a resource and network for Florida Poly women. Both programs provide opportunities for University students to promote STEM learning in youth programs.

  • MERIT Summer Camp: In partnership with All Saints Academy, Lakeland Regional Medical Center and other community organizations, Florida Polytechnic University introduces high-achieving high school students to a hands-on learning medical engineering and robotics program in which students learn from professionals in high-growth industry. University students have the opportunity to help lead and teach at the summer camps.
  • Women in STEM Leadership: The campus-based organization serves as a resource, hub and network for Florida Polytechnic women in STEM disciplines. It is a constellation that links STEM women and highlights their achievements. It seeks to raise awareness of the achievements of women in STEM fields, as females are disproportionately under-represented in STEM education and STEM industry. Efforts to increase the number of females in STEM fields will extend to K-12 community service programs that the University partners with and/or initiates.