Now administered by and within the Florida Polytechnic University Foundation, Florida Poly Fellows is further strengthening its role in sponsorship and support of the University’s innovative approach to STEM education. Activities of the group may include hosting students, educators, speakers, fundraising, and a continuation of our efforts to gather community and statewide support for this university’s success.

By making a contribution to the Florida Polytechnic University Foundation, Florida Poly Fellows, in support of its mission to further support the University’s educational mission you (or your company) will be recognized as a contributing member of the Florida Poly Fellows. Members not only support scholarships at Florida Polytechnic University but will be recognized in a variety of ways and receive invitations to member-only events.

$500.00 Individual Recognition                  ●               $1,000.00 Corporate Recognition

As the University grows, the Florida Poly Fellows are more important than ever. The organization’s strength in numbers and reach enable the vision of Florida Poly to reach a broader audience and build further support.

Florida Poly Fellow Members

To join, please email Lidia Vigil or call 863.874.8732