Florida Polytechnic University partners with leading technology firms to shape an industry-relevant curriculum that connects students with immediate career opportunities. Our cutting-edge programs are devoted exclusively to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) disciplines, with six undergraduate degrees, two graduate degrees, and 19 exciting concentrations in emerging areas of advanced engineering and technology. Our students “major in employable,” with access to degree programs and concentrations that lead to rewarding careers in today’s fastest growing fields.

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College of Engineering

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The Computer Engineering degree program will give you a strong foundation in logic principles, practical experience in programming digital circuits and hands-on training in electrical component integration for a high-powered career in high tech.

In the Electrical Engineering degree program, you will acquire the engineering methods and analytic tools needed to design solutions for complex technical challenges in the world of control.

The Mechanical & Industrial Engineering degree program will give you a firm foundation in geometric systems, advanced practice in calculating tolerances, and the ability to combine information technology, applied engineering and social sciences to provide you with diverse technical skills.

The Engineering profession covers a wide spectrum of subject areas that ranges from nano-scale to industrial-scale application. It includes engines, robotics, information technology, electro-mechanical systems, motion intelligence, and others.

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Innovation & Technology
College of Innovation & Technology

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The Advanced Technology program offers a dynamic, interdisciplinary course of study with hands-on instruction from industry experts to prepare you for a career in exciting areas like improving human health, designing high-tech systems, analyzing Big Data and computing in the cloud.

The Computer Science & Information Technology degree program prepares you not only for careers in the $70 billion professional games industry, but also for related fields such as healthcare simulation, scientific visualization and other computing professions.

The Science & Technology Management degree program provides you with the skills to combine data-driven analysis with business know-how and the skills to analyze supply chain efficiency across industries.

The Master of Innovation & Technology (MI&T) degree provides cutting edge research opportunities to students using state-of-the-art experimental or computational research facilities under the close supervision of faculty member(s).