Engineering Masters Degree (MS)

Florida Polytechnic University’s Master of Science Degree in Engineering (MS) program provides students with an advanced engineering education. The masters in engineering program prepares students with the necessary skills for advancing their careers in industries involved in emerging technologies, product development, and program management.

The masters degree in engineering includes a balanced course offering including advanced interdisciplinary engineering technical courses, technology management, and technology development. The electives within the program are divided into the focus areas of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Engineering.

Upon completion of the engineering masters degree in the College of Engineering, students will be able to:

Engineering Masters Degree in Engineering Program Admissions Requirements

Admission decisions are based on consideration of the applicant’s previous academic records, statement of purpose, resume and letters of recommendations.

The following are the admissions requirements:

University Graduation Requirements

Total Degree Credits: 30

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