Magnetics Degree Frequently Asked Questions

What are magnetics?

Magnetics, as a concentration of an Electrical Engineering Degree, is the study of the magnetic structure within highly permeable, thin strips of alloy for the purposes of applied engineering.

What can graduates do with a magnetics degree concentration?

Magnetic materials play a critical role in a wide range of industries: automotive, security, medical, IT, and aerospace applications are just a few ways in which magnetics is driving innovation.

What makes Florida Poly’s Magnetics concentration unique?

The Magnetics course program in the Electrical Engineering Department at both the graduate and undergraduate levels includes hands-on experimentation and the practical design of magnetic components to give you a cutting-edge advantage in this exciting field.

Course Highlights: What you need to know

Industry Facts

  • Magnets with printed poles used in spine implants.
  • MRI technology allows accuracy in diagnosis.
  • Swipeless mobile payment systems becoming popular.
  • Sound waves used to enhance magnetic data.
  • Courses

  • Digital Electronics
  • Electromagnetism Fields and Applications
  • Digital Communication Systems
  • Engineering Project Management
  • Economic Benefits

  • Magnetics in high demand in telecommunications.
  • Semiconductor industry added jobs 3x faster.
  • Employment multiplier figure higher than construction.
  • KPMG Semiconductor Confidence Index rose 11 points.
  • Top Employers

  • BAE Systems
  • Mitsubishi
  • Roper
  • Siemens
  • “The Magnetic course program at Florida Polytechnic University will prepare students with the necessary experience to enter the field ready to apply practical design of magnetic components  and create advancing functions to improve magnetic devices.”