Electrodynamics Concentration Frequently Asked Questions

What is electrodynamics?

Electrodynamics is a branch of physics that studies moving electric charges and their interaction with magnetic and electric fields.

What can graduates do with an electrodynamics degree concentration?

Rooted in classic and quantum physics, electrodynamic engineering focuses on developing advanced technology used in space exploration, energy conservation, proton acceleration and many other applications.

What makes Florida Poly’s Electrodynamics degree concentration unique?

The Electrodynamics course program will give graduates a strong scientific foundation in the theory and problems of electrodynamics, as well as hands-on experience in designing electro-dynamic technologies.

Course Highlights: What You Need to Know

Industry Facts

  • EDTs are used in satellites that convert energy.
  • Cadillac uses magnetic levitation.
  • Frictionless electrodynamic bearings used in cars.
  • Magnetic fields used to reduce plasma densities.
  • Courses

  • Analog Electronics
  • Electronic Devices
  • Systems and Signals
  • Digital Logic Design
  • Economic Benefits

  • 2,000 aviation and aerospace companies in Florida.
  • $315 million meglav in Orlando.
  • Orlando-based API Technologies received $2 million.
  • Electrodynamic shakers used in shuttle launches.
  • Top Employers

  • CP Engineers and Architecture
  • AET
  • Intellon
  • Kimley-Horn & Associates, Inc.
  • “The field of Electrodynamics will create new electrodynamic technologies that will have a powerful implication for the automotive, aerospace, defense, energy and medical industries.”