Digital & Hybrid Systems Degree Frequently Asked Questions

What are digital and hybrid systems?

Digital and hybrid systems focus on integrating digital mechanisms to achieve greater interoperability, compatibility, transferability and scalability in devices. Digital and hybrid systems are the basis of how all technology and information becomes accessible and usable.

What can graduates do with a digital and hybrid systems degree concentration?

Digital and hybrid systems engineers combine components to provide newer, faster, and more reliable technology to military, avionics, security, marine and other industries.

What makes Florida Poly’s Digital & Hybrid Systems degree concentration unique?

The Digital & Hybrid Information Systems concentration for Electrical Engineering majors provides graduates with a strong foundation in the principles of digital and hybrid systems and circuits, as well as hands-on training in industry-standard tools for designing the digital systems that are essential to all technologies today.

Course Highlights: What You Need to Know

Industry Facts

  • Hubble Telescope uses 4 charge-coupled devices.
  • Supercomputers to calculators use digital systems.
  • Tesla uses GPU accelerators.
  • Digital signals transmitted faster and farther.
  • Courses

  • Physical Electronics
  • Interdisciplinary Rapid Prototyping
  • Digital Communication Systems
  • Fundamentals of Semiconductor Devices
  • Economic Benefits

  • $40 billion will be spent by 2017 on processors.
  • Smartphone industry will reach $426 billion.
  • 66.7% of employers will hire engineers.
  • Energy efficiency is the most important in car design.
  • Top Employers

  • Samsung
  • Atkins
  • Galtronics
  • infrax
  • “Digital and Hybrid Systems integrate digital mechanisms to achieve greater compatibility and scalability in devices. This degree is becoming the basis of how technology and information becomes accessible and usable.”