Control Systems Degree Frequently Asked Questions

What are control systems?

Control Systems, as a part of the Electrical Engineering Degree, seeks to analyze physical systems – mechanical, electrical, fluidic, chemical, financial and even biological – and design ways to control them.

What can graduates do with a control systems degree concentration?

From prototyping a new spacecraft guidance system to engineering more efficient fuel injection in cars, control systems engineers play a critical role in technological innovation.

What makes Florida Poly’s Control Systems degree concentration unique?

Students acquire the engineering methods and analytic tools needed to design solutions for complex technical challenges in the world of control systems.

Industry Facts

  • Inventions: Thermostat in 1620 and elevator in 1857.
  • Pacemakers and drug delivery use control systems.
  • Water clock, earliest control system in 270 B.C.
  • Control system engineers use robotic control.
  • Economic Benefits

  • FL has the nation's largest aerospace industry.
  • Engineering jobs hardest to fill.
  • Systems Engineers are the most versatile.
  • Control system engineering pervades defense sector.
  • Top Employers

  • CAE
  • Ocean Optics
  • Faro
  • Sensormatic
  • Courses

  • Circuits
  • Electronic Devices
  • Digital Electronics
  • Control Theory
  • “From designing multi-functional robots to prototyping a spacecraft, control systems engineers play a critical role in technological innovation with a systems engineering degree.”