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Innovation is more than a buzzword at Florida Poly. It’s an ongoing ambition woven into every aspect of the University, from its curriculum to its ultra-modern campus. Strategically located in Lakeland along Florida’s High-Tech Corridor and easily accessible from I-4, Florida Poly is halfway between Tampa and Orlando, within a 100-mile radius of nearly 9 million people and more than 11,500 high-tech companies.

Visitors are able to see firsthand the campus layout, our residence hall, and the reflecting ponds that surround the Innovation, Science and Technology Building (IST) taking shape and the iconic IST Building itself. The IST Building, Florida Poly’s main classroom building, is at the heart of the campus and a symbol of the University’s commitment to innovation. It includes 26 teaching labs and classrooms, 11 research labs, two seminar rooms, 17 group meeting rooms and an 11,000-square-foot common area under the building’s cupola. Designed by world-renowned architect, engineer and polytechnic graduate Dr. Santiago Calatrava, the IST Building is surrounded by 84 arched pergolas that shade its terraces and walkways. It also features 94 operable louvers atop the roof that open and close like giant wings to provide shade and natural lighting for the expansive building. 

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