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Application and Acceptance:

You've made the choice to follow your dreams. Now show Florida Polytechnic University your passion for your chosen field and your desire to succeed. Florida Polytechnic University isn't just looking for bright stars…we are looking for passion, creativity, and commitment. Do you have what it takes to become a leader?

Hands-on Learning:

Students at Florida Polytechnic University participate in experiential learning to solve-real world challenges. Our curriculum takes the STEM world by storm and empowers students with the ability to utilize all of their senses to learn, adapt, and grow. At Florida Polytechnic University, our professors are adept in this style of learning and guide students throughout their journey with realistic projects.

Applied Research in Labs, Working with Professors:

We know that students want more than just scripted lectures and slide presentations. That's why Florida Polytechnic University provides students the opportunity to work side-by-side with their professors in applied research labs. See how the worlds of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics collide and fuse together to form some of the most exciting new developments.

Internships with Industry Partners:

Take your journey into the world! Internships provide Florida Poly students with real-world experience in their chosen STEM field. Industry leaders have partnered with Florida Poly to offer our students opportunities to learn through internships that provide hands-on experience and help prepare students for exciting careers.


Commencement at Florida Poly is not an ending…it's a beginning! It's time to start the next chapter in your life journey. Florida Poly will help point you on your career path and give you the skills and confidence to become an industry leader. You can immediately use the applied knowledge and technical skills learned at Florida Poly in your career. You'll be amazed at where life takes you next!

Job Placement in a High-Tech Industry:

We want our students to succeed at Florida Polytechnic University and be poised as graduates to embark on their respective careers. We make sure that our graduates are job ready to join the high-tech field of their choice. Our network of industry partners offers guidance to ensure that students graduate with the skills employers need. With our help and your high level of practical industry education, you’ll be off and running in no time.

Becoming a Leader:

Students who attend Florida Polytechnic University are seeking more than an education and a career. They want to be the next generation of innovators and industry leaders. They want to excel at their craft. They want to be more than at the forefront of their industry – they want to BE the trendsetters, experience the breakthroughs, solve the equations. Our students are leaders. And Florida Polytechnic University has empowered them every step of the way. After all, YOUR success is OUR success. Apply Now